Online Gaming Security Tips

The games that I play online are League of Legends. World of Warcraft. Team Fortress 2.

Hearthstone. Final Fantasy XIV. Counter-strike. DOTA.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Maple Story. Smite. Mabinogi. Heroes of the Storm.

Strife. Agario. I like the battling aspect. The one-on-one, just to prove, you know, who’s better. And just to show your skills.

I’m a really competitive person. So, I always do ranking and competitive mode. So I’m always trying to get there on top.

I have friends who live in, you know, the U.K. I also have friends that live everywhere in the world, so, you know, it’s pretty interesting I think to see how We all come from different places, but we’re all essentially playing the same games. The championships, and the streamings, and the hangouts. You meet a lot of people. I feel, in terms of like percentage-wise probably 90% safe in playing online games I feel very safe online.

Just because I know which sites to go to and which sites not to go to. I feel safe because for games like League of Legends, there’s millions of players. And when you cue up to find a match game you’re never going to get the same person ever again. And if you don’t like them there’s always the ‘Block’ option.

And, if they try to add me as a friend I can always decline. Yeah, I feel 100% safe but that’s only because I know what to do and what not to do. You gotta know!

When online, I would be careful in sharing out, you know, your first name and last name. Also things like where you live, just because people can be really good at finding information about you online if they wanted to. Keep your passwords different like I do. Let’s say they get a hold of 1 thing they can’t get a hold of everything. Long with upper case and lower case letters and numbers. Just to keep it that no one can really figure it out.

Even if you get an email say from like the developers of the game, or the people in charge of it Asking for your information, they always say we’re never going to ask for your password. There’s just a lot of people that try to phish information from you.

Don’t allow the game to automatically save it. And don’t allow a web browser to save your credit card information, keep that to yourself. Don’t enter online giveaways that you are unsure if they are legit or not.

Be safe with your information, pretty much don’t share it especially when you play in real money online casino SA.